Mom Asks If She’s A Jerk For Snapping At Barista For Waking Her Baby Up Repeatedly By Grinding Beans

The moms are at it again. Redditor u/coffeegrinder11 brought her story of getting a barista in trouble to r/AmItheA**hole, expecting support from the masses. But she didn’t get it.

The mom says that her local coffee shop reopened and so she decided to take her nine-month-old over to grab a cup during a pandemic. She says service was slow, because they didn’t have too many baristas working. She says she didn’t mind waiting, but was quickly “struck by how loud their coffee grinder was.”

If you’ve ever been in a coffee shop in your life, you shouldn’t be surprised that a grinder is loud, but maybe being a mom has shifted her perspective. She says a barista was grinding a giant bag of coffee all at once, disturbing her babe:

Within the first minute my daughter wakes up and keeps screaming no matter how much I try to comfort her. After 5 minutes, I ask the barista if she could stop using the coffee grinder as it’s disturbing my baby, and she agrees and turns off the machine.

Mom’s feathers settled and the baby quieted. They sit and wait for their caffeine, but then a barista turns on the grinder again and the baby starts crying again:

At this point I snap at the barista for turning it on when I’m still there, as she can clearly see that she has caused my daughter to cry again. The barista says she was doing something else with the grinder that was more urgent, but could she have really not waited until I left? Anyways, the other baristas were extremely cold to me and didn’t even say anything when they gave me my drink.

I emailed the manager when I got home explaining the situation, and today the manager replied and apologized for what happened. In return I got a free gift card. I was telling my husband this thinking he would be excited about the gift card, but he doesn’t think I should have emailed the manager at all, and that I overreacted. But the manager agrees that I was wronged here. AITA?

Thank you for asking. Yes, you are.

This is a business open in a pandemic.

Why are you even bringing your child there? Make coffee at home and protect yourself and your baby. But if you must go out, you can’t expect everyone to accommodate you by halting business so your baby can sleep. If it’s nap time, nap at home.

And as people mentioned, the manager sending you a gift card isn’t a sign of approval. It’s a sign they want you to leave them the hell alone:

Being a mom is unbelievably stressful and having your baby woken up is probably maddening. It is, however, on you to mitigate the risk of them being woken up when you go to public places. Don’t take them to mosh pits, construction sites, or coffee shops if you want them to get their afternoon nap.