People Are Celebrating This Mom’s Candid, Unedited “Decade In Review” Post For It’s Honesty

As the new year rolled around, lots of people were reflecting on what changed for them in the last ten years. In most cases, it was a lot. Few people are capable of going through ten years of life without a lot happening or changing in some way. Because this is the age of social media, this reflection did not go down quietly. People shared their lists of accomplishments under the #DecadeInReview hashtag all over Twitter. While some people offered a balanced review of everything that went down over the decade, most of them were total brags.

It’s not terrible to brag about your life, and considering the stress of the last four years alone, just surviving to 2020 feels like a really big deal. But if you’re at home reading all of these success stories, it can start to be a bit of a downer. It might feel like you haven’t done enough, or like the things you did manage to do took too much out of you. That’s why a post by this working mom reached so many people in a profound way.

Christina Fattore is a professor who shared her successes in the popular format. She had kids, she got tenured at her job, and she bought a house. But she finished her list by asking if her followers wanted to know a secret…

Her secret was that the process of getting all of those things was a very difficult one. Having a baby was hard and involved numerous surgeries. Eventually, Fattore had to have a hysterectomy for her endometriosis. She says she had to fight tooth and nail to get tenured at work. And the stress of buying a house had her crying throughout multiple semesters. Presumably not in front of the classroom full of students, but still:

She finished this truth bomb by saying, “I’m sharing this because you never know what others are going through. I get sad when I hear people comparing themselves to others. Some years/decades are better than others. Be kind to yourself and empathetic to others. Happy 2020, folks.”

Posted by Christina Fattore Morgan on Friday, November 8, 2019

It’s true! You never do know what’s going on with someone else, especially if they’re just telling you all the best stuff. Many people were touched by Fattore’s honesty:

What people really needed to start the New Year was a little perspective. Accomplishments are great, but it’s all a journey of ups and downs.