The Internet Loves This Adorable Mom Who Flew All The Way Across The Country Because Her Daughter’s Head Hurt

Whenever we’re sick or feeling under the weather, there’s nothing like a mother’s love. I’m 25-years-old and live on my own, but if I’m feeling crappy, the first person I call is my mom. Even if she’s miles away and can’t take care of me, she tells me exactly what I need to do in order to cure myself (literally every single time) and sometimes when things are extra bad, she’ll take care of me like I’m a toddler again. Like, when I got all four of my wisdom teeth out and she made me about 15 pounds of mashed potatoes in a three-day span. No one loves us like our mommas. Grace Li knows that this is nothing but the truth.

Grace had a pretty bad headache and called her mom to talk about it. Grace lives in New York City now, and her mom still lives in her hometown back in Texas. Li’s mom said she could “catch the next flight out” because her daughter wasn’t feeling well–and, she literally did just that.

Grace’s mom told BuzzFeed News that when her daughter called about a headache, it sounded unusual and she thought Grace could also be homesick.

“I was at work on Friday afternoon planning to work late that evening. Around 4:30, I got a message from Grace telling me that she felt sick. I called her and she told me that she had this headache and we also chatted about her day and her weekend plans. I felt that the headache was a bit unusual and that she missed home.”

The flights from Texas to NYC were apparently pretty cheap at the time and before Grace knew it, her mom was in New York by her side. Not only did her mom spend the weekend with Grace, she also made sure she “cooked enough food to last her two weeks,” before she left.

Before she left she stayed up the night before cooking so I would have food for the rest of the week! She packed me two lunches and bought Tupperware to store all the other food and now my fridge is so full.


Twitter users were in awe (and tears) over how sweet and kind this entire ordeal was–making it clear that truly, there is nothing like a mother’s love.