A Mom Ordered Her Kid A Cute Shirt But It Came With A Funny, Foul-Mouthed Slogan

Per a report from BuzzFeed News a mom was looking to buy her 3-year-old a cute custom t-shirt when she got a bit of a surprise…and a much more political shirt than she expected.

Kelsey Dawn Williamson of Illinois told BuzzFeed News that she placed the order of a child-size t-shirt bearing the image of two frogs with an online Chinese retailer called AliExpress.
But when it arrived the shirt bore, not just the classic image of Frog and Toad but also a very prominent text reading: “F-CK THE POLICE.”

Williamson posted the image on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

(Facebook – Kelsey Dawn Williamson)

Williamson found the surprise hilarious though there’s no word on whether her child has a clear position on the social and political role of the police in a free society.

Considering how the t-shirt was generically marketed, with no mention of the Frog and Toad books, the Chinese retailer doesn’t seem to care much about copyright concerns, or context, so it’s possible that the text was randomly applied to the shirt with no regard to its meaning. Or it was simply an accident.

(Facebook – Kelsey Dawn Williamson)

That said, BuzzFeed points out that the juxtaposition of “F-ck The Police” and Frog and Toad is an existing meme so perhaps someone is trolling someone, or trying to start a revolution.

Either way this t-shirt is going to be a hit.