Mortician’s Blunt Clapback At Woman Asking To Get Her Hair Done Goes Viral

It’s been about six weeks since lockdown started across the country, depending on where you’re living. It might seem like an eternity, but it’s not actually enough time to get ahead of the virus the way we need to before that lockdown can lift.

Despite the science, some people are protesting in loud, maskless groups about reopening businesses. They want haircuts. They want to go to Target. They want maids to come over and clean their homes. They want to infect as many people as possible!

There are other people who are less loud about it who want the same thing, and they’ve been sneaking around quarantine rules. A mortician named Patrina J. Felts has gone viral for smoking one of those people out on Facebook.

A screenshot of the interaction has been shared over 60 thousand times. It starts with Felts writing, “I do hair, nails, and makeup every day except Sunday… this virus has business booming.”

A woman named Raven DeAndra replies, “Where are you from? I need my hair done.”

Felts responds, “VA Beach. I’m a mortician. Want an appointment? Keep going outside. Stay home, sis. You’re more beautiful alive than dead.”

Nice. Felts eventually found out she was Facebook famous, and shared it on her own timeline, writing, “Bruh… I was being serious, lmao! I didn’t realize it would be shared like that! This was from almost a month ago!”

Bruh... I was being serious, lmao! I didn’t realize it would be shared like that! This was from almost a month ago! 🤣😂🤣😂Since some have asked,my PayPal is and cashapp is $pfelts#viralAF

Posted by Patrina J Felts on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

According to the Daily Mail, Felts has said she doesn’t just work for VA Beach, which has had a smaller number of COVID-19 deaths. She works in another town and services others nearby and has the usual round of people dying from other causes as well.

If you won’t take advice from scientists and doctors, at least take advice from the people who will be laying you to rest. They’re going to be doing your hair for the last time, so you want to be on their good side.