14 Series Finales Fans Hated More Than ‘Game Of Thrones’

Every single episode in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones had fans furious to the point of starting petitions. And last night’s episode, the series finale—was no exception. In fact, viewers are calling it the worst series finale in television history.

The fan outrage to the series finale prompted author Joy Reid to kick off a poll asking Twitter users about what they believe to be the most disappointing television series finale.

Reid included LostThe X Files, Game of Thrones, and other/none of the above as choices.

Her poll (which has eight+ hours left at the time of writing) was met with an onslaught of responses, many of which called out shows Reid did not list—particularly Dexter and How I Met Your Mother—as having the worst series finales.

Here’s what people had to say:

1. Dexter

2. Seinfeld


(Though, as with every other show on this list, there were those who disagreed…)

4. Battlestar Galactica

5. How I Met Your Mother

6. The Sopranos

7. The X Files


9. Sons of Anarchy

10. True Blood

11. Alf

12. Roseanne

13. Pretty Little Liars

14. Buffy

While there were plenty of other responses, fans genuinely seemed to be most disappointed by Dexter and How I Met Your Mother.

Though some decided to share their favorite series finales (which, if you note, include several shows on the previous list of ‘worst ever’ endings).


Though I think we can all agree that this is without a doubt the worst ending we’ve seen yet: