13 Of The Most WTF Moments From Trump’s Disastrous North Korea Summit

13. Kim Jong Un’s baffled reaction to Trump asking the camera crew “Getting a good picture, everybody, so we look nice and handsome and thin and perfect?”

Of course Trump previously called Kim Jong Un “short and fat” in a whiny tweet about the dictator.

12. Trump bragging to Kim Jong Un about his presidential limousine:

11. When Trump at least grasped the surreal nature of the summit by comparing it to a science fiction movie:

10. This absolutely batsh*t fake movie trailer Trump made for Kim Jong Un that was so weird reporters assumed it was North Korean propaganda:

The video features a weird mix of stock footage, bad voiceover narration, and cheesy melodramatic pleading for Kim Jong Un to do the right thing. There’s also a clip of someone dunking a basketball because Kim is a big basketball fan.

Kim Jong Un foiling potential turd burglars by bringing along his own private toilet:

8. When Dennis Rodman—sporting a shirt promoting a marijuana-backed cryptocurrency and a MAGA hat—broke down in an emotional interview:

7. Whatever TF this weird pen polishing switcheroo is:

6. Trump marveling over how great it would be to build a condo where North Korea fires its cannons:

5. Trump giving Kim Jong Un, a murderous despot, a big thumbs up:


4. Trump calling North Korea’s 200,000 political prisoners—who are still imprisoned!—the “big winners”:

Who’s going to tell them?

3. Trump saying that Kim Jong Un’s people love him very much:

He’s a brutal dictator who punishes anyone who dissents and has even murdered his own family members, they HAVE to pretend to love him.

2. Trump admitting that even if North Korea never follows through on their end of the deal, he’ll just lie about it:

1. Trump lying multiple times (unprompted!) about who put out the viral photo of him and the other G-7 leaders in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos after the summit:

After the G-7 summit with the world’s seven largest democratic economies, Trump and his advisors publicly flayed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trump also refused to sign the group’s final agreement. He was asked about the juxtaposition of treating our closest allies much more harshly than a brutal dictator with a history of threatening the United States with nuclear annihilation.

Trump talked up his friendships with the leaders before pivoting to the viral photo of himself looking like a stubborn toddler while German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the other G-7 leaders appeared to challenge him.

“You know, we put out that picture. That was put out by my people,” Trump lied. The photo came from Angela Merkel’s Instagram and was taken by German government photographer Jesco Denzel. That’s why, contrary to Trump’s claims, it doesn’t appear in any of the photo sets released by the White House. Rather than challenging him, Stephanopoulos tried to move on, but Trump interrupted him to repeat the lie, “I just do want to say, though, that picture was supposed to be a friendly picture. That was put out by us.”

h/t: SPIN