Mueller Is Officially Investigating The NRA And Decent People Are Thrilled

In an interview with CNN Tuesday, former Trump campaign aid Sam Nunberg dropped the bombshell that Robert Mueller is probing the relationship between the National Rifle Association and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“When I was interviewed by the special counsel’s office, I was asked about the Trump campaign and our dealings with the NRA,” Nunberg said. According to the report, Mueller’s team was very interested in how Trump and his “operatives” formed a relationship with the alleged gun rights organization.

Nunberg was asked about the NRA nearly a year ago, in February 2018, and CNN learned that the Mueller team was still poking around the NRA just a month ago. Is that why the NRA has been so quiet lately?

Not surprisingly, the NRA did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

None of this news is particularly surprising to those who have been paying attention. As CNN points out, the alleged Russian spy Maria Butina confessed to influence relations between the U.S. and Russia by infiltrating the GOP. One of the main ways she sought to accomplish that was by building ties within the NRA – a tactic that was quite successful.

The NRA, meanwhile, quickly became a national mouthpiece for Donald Trump, supporting him during his 2016 campaign both with propaganda and donations that totaled over $30 million – far more than they’ve ever spent on a single election.

Then, of course, they ticked everyone in the country off, including many of their own members, particularly after professional nightmare lady Dana Loesch was named their spokesperson. That’s probably why people are so excited about this bit of news.

It might be time to become the National Ratting-on-Trump Association.