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Muslim Man Tweets About How His Jewish Co-Worker Treats Him Every Day

Getting along with people can be difficult, even those you choose to be around, like close friends and romantic partners. So when it comes to work, where you’re often thrown into a group of people you barely know and with whom you have next to nothing in common, there are even more reasons not to get along. Political and/or religious differences can be huge sources of contention, and we just have to hope that we end up with people who are at least decent human beings.

A Muslim man on Twitter, Umar, recently wrote a thread about the way that he’s treated every day by a Jewish co-worker. The thread went viral, giving a lot of people something to truly think about.

He begins by explaining that he works with an Israel Jewish man.

Wait—what’s this? Not where you thought it was going, right? Turns out the Israeli co-worker is actually very respectful of Umar’s religion.

He makes sure that the food that he brings into the office is halal so that everyone, including Umar, can eat it. He also cares whether Umar is able to fit prayers into an overly-busy day, and even makes sure that the analgesic he gives is appropriate for a Muslim person to take.

As the post went viral, Umar added a prayer, one that asks that “Allah grant us the strength to overcome and grow from all of our own obstacles that we face.”

The co-worker isn’t only nice to Umar. Umar told Bored Panda,

“I first noticed Elliot was nicer than others when I’d mention halal/haram (lawful/unlawful) and he knew exactly what I meant. Even times when a few of my coworkers would go to a meat deli at lunch or for beers, he knew not to invite me because he knew I’d say no. Elliot was knowledgeable on Islam to a high degree. Over time, it became more apparent that he genuinely cares about others and looks out for their best interests.”

People on Twitter were happy to see that Umar was actually treated so nicely by his considerate co-worker, and thrilled that the thread didn’t go the direction they thought it would.

Umar’s Twitter bio says he’s in Toronto, Ontario, so I think Canada deserves a little shout-out here.

h/t: Bored Panda

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.