This Muslim Woman’s Viral Thread Describes The Constant Bigotry Muslims Face In 2019

In the wake of the New Zealand mosque shootings, Muslim writer Vianna Goodwin penned a gut-wrenching thread about the constant weight of fear and the frequent instances of bigoted harassment she endures as a Muslim living in the U.S. in 2019. The thread, which has already been shared over 30,000 times and liked 47,000 more, was retweeted early Friday by Mark Ruffalo with a call to end global white supremacy.

In Goodwin’s thread, she lays out what it’s like to be afraid for her life every day, and especially every time she heads to her mosque to attend the Friday service. She details just a few of the frightening assaults on her sense of safety over the years, including a time in San Diego when someone attached firecrackers to the bottoms of several cars in her mosque parking lot.

Later, in Texas, Goodwin’s child came home crying from school after “the World Cultures teacher told the class that all Muslims were terrorists no matter what we said to try to hide who we were.” Her children were bullied and she was harassed and threatened in public.

Under the weight of all of this Islamophobic harassment and assault, Goodwin faces intense anxiety daily, fearing the day when someone shows up at her mosque with a gun.

She continues her moving thread with a plea to non-Muslims everywhere to stand up to hateful rhetoric, whether it’s bigoted comments from family members or Islamophobic “jokes” from friends.

“We need you all to speak out,” she writes. “We can’t be the only ones to stand up to the hate. This is the time when allies make a marked difference. We need you to stand up. To say that there is no such thing as a harmless joke or a funny stereotype. Don’t say that your father/brother/grandmother/boss didn’t mean “regular Muslims”. You can’t just let this stuff go, because it grows and it builds up until there is nowhere safe for anyone to worship. Or live. Or breathe.”

Finally, Goodwin ends by asking us all not to forget about the insidious scourge of Islamophobia tomorrow when the memory of the images from the media fade and the next tragedy takes over the headlines – because her fear can’t fade as long as Islamophobia exists.

Though it can’t undo what happened, the outpouring of support for Goodwin and for the Muslim community in New Zealand and elsewhere is proving that the global community rejects hate, rejects Islamophobia, and supports out Muslim neighbors. The LaunchGood crowdfunding campaign to help the victims and families of the shooting has raised nearly $1,000,000 NZD in less than 24 hours and is still going strong.

Meanwhile, people everywhere are reaching out to Goodwin to let her know that they will stand up to fight Islamophobia.

Go ahead and cry if you need to. Then kick Islamophobia right up the ass.