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Someone Asked If There Was Anything This Guy Couldn’t Do And The Responses Are Hilarious

Look at this big hulk of a man. He’s so muscular, so strong, so powerful, there’s got to be nothing he can’t do. Want help picking up a heavy object? No problem. Help opening a jar? He’s your man, unless he accidentally crushes the glass with his hands. Never mind lifting a car, he can probably throw one.

Although…come to think of it…in reality there are probably a lot of things he can’t actually do. Like, turn his neck, for one, because he doesn’t really have one.

The picture was tweeted by an account called @CleanJab along with a challenge to “name something this man can’t do,” and boy howdy, did the responses deliver.

Even God Himself weighed in!

The account also tweeted a few other pictures of this monstrous man.

The man’s Instagram name was visible in one of the screenshots: @sajadgharibioffical. Apparently, the man is known as (or calls himself) the Iranian Hulk as well as the Persian Hercules.

OK, so yes, the man is enormous. But let’s all hope there’s one more thing he can’t do, probably the most important out of all of them:

h/t: Twitter: @CleanJab

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.