Nancy Pelosi Agrees To Give Trump ‘One Dollar’ For His Border Wall

Donald Trump is the most famous troll in the world and you have to admit he’s good at it.

Trump fires off stupid, terrible sh*t designed to enrage everyone to the left of Mussolini with the regularity of a Gatling gun. And his base loves it. They don’t care what his policies mean anymore or how they’ll be affected.

Enraging the libs is all they want.

So it’s very nice when Trump gets trolled back. Whether it’s inadvertently at the hands of his technologically incompetent lawyer Rudy Giuliani or directly from one of his political adversaries.

Yesterday we saw a great example courtesy of newly re-instated Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Asked by CNN’s Manu Raju whether she would accept “even a dollar” of wall funding for Trump’s pet project Pelosi replied, nodding, to laughter from bystanders:

“A dollar? A dollar…One dollar? Yeah, one dollar.”

According to Raju, Pelosi followed up the joke by switching to a more serious tone, saying:

“The fact is a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation.”

Pelosi has proven adept at trolling the President in recent weeks saying his wall was “like a manhood thing for him” and calmly making him look like an angry baby when Trump had a shouting match with Democrats over wall funding.

Who knows? Perhaps Trump will get that wall money after all.

But if it’s only a dollar that wall is going to be TINY.