NASA Scientist Slams Hinge Match Who Asked If She Was ‘The Receptionist’

There’s this thing called “negging” that became popular during the rise of “pick up artist” culture. It’s when somebody pays you a compliment that’s kind of an insult. Supposedly, negging someone makes them feel insecure, which in turn makes them want to please you, so they try to connect with you.

It’s sort of like reverse psychology. And we all know what it is, so it’s time for bros to stop trying this when they want a date.

Seriously, it’s embarrassing and makes you look like dumbass. And here is a perfect example of it: a woman named Lauren Mc Keown shared a few screenshots of a conversation she had with a guy on Hinge that’s basically a textbook case of a failed neg.

A guy named Mikey responded to a fact on her profile about how she worked at NASA. At first he said “that’s cool,” which is a good start. It is very cool to work at NASA. Things went downhill from there.

After Mc Keown accepted his chat, Mikey decided to try a lighthearted joke that insults both her intelligence and her looks.

“So what are you, like the receptionist?” he asks. Wait. He wasn’t done.

“JK you look reasonably smart,” Mikey added. Jeez Louise, just say I’m too insecure to date and go.

Mc Keown did not just giggle and do a hair flip in response.


“Smart enough to know at least that judging a woman’s intelligence by her looks might not be the best way to start a conversation,” she said. “PS my mother is a primary school receptionist and she is the wisest, most inspirational and kindest person I know. So much so in fact, my PhD thesis in planetary science is dedicated to her.”


Everyone recognized a neg when they saw it, but it seems like an especially touchy subject for women scientists, who are facing sexism both within and without their profession:

The tweet quickly went viral, and the doctor’s inbox was flooded by marriage proposals and whiny dudes, which is probably the opposite of what she wanted.

Society, pour this scientist a cuppa tea!