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People Are Freaking Out Over What The “Lion King” Remake Looks Like Side-By-Side With The Original

A trailer for the new Lion King (AKA the “live-action” Lion King, despite the fact that it’s also animated) just dropped and people are freaking out.

Like, really freaking out.

Of course, it helps that this newest version of The Lion King has an all-star cast of celebs perfectly suited to their roles (especially Beyoncé).

Full-grown adults who grew up watching the original Lion King are fully prepared to brave theaters full of small children to watch the Disney masterpiece all over again.

And superfans are ready to do what it takes to remove any unlucky child who gets in between them and Simba.

Scar would be proud.

Some people have mixed feelings about experiencing Mufasa’s depressing death all over again.

But what really caught people’s eye was this comparison between the 1994 Lion King and the 2019 reboot:

But not everyone is feeling it. The trailer makes the movie seem so similar to the 1994 version that some people are wondering why Disney chose to remake a nearly identical version in the first place.

Seems like a good point!

Watch the whole trailer for Disney’s Lion King here and decide for yourself:

h/t: Buzzfeed