New Hampshire Republicans Wear Pearls To Mock Moms Who Oppose Gun Violence

Male gun rights advocates in New Hampshire today wore pearl necklaces to mock Women Demand Action, a grassroots organization of mothers who have suffered as a result of gun violence.

Concerned citizens attended public hearings at the New Hampshire State House today concerning a proposed “red flag” law, House Bill 687, which would allow law enforcement and concerned family members to petition for a court order to take away firearms from people posing an immediate threat to themselves or others.

The story made national news after Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts tweeted photos of the 2A lawmakers, alongside the caption, “Male New Hampshire lawmakers on the hearing committee wearing pearls to mock @MomsDemand volunteers and gun safety advocates.”

The implication, of course, being that these grieving mothers are “pearl-clutching” and overreacting to the gun violence epidemic—a blatantly sexist and flat-out wrong implication, especially when we consider that New Hampshire was recently identified as having had “one of the largest increases in suicide rates compared to other states.”

The Star Telegram adds: “In the last five years, there were just over 1,100 suicide deaths, and nearly half involved a firearm.”

Many of the Women Demand Action mothers who testified shared the ways in which gun violence has torn apart their families and lives. Margaret Tilton, was one of these moms. Her son—after being “persuaded” to hand in a gun once before—went out and got another and fatally shot himself two years ago. He was just 23 years old.

Despite the bill only being relevant in instances of extreme risk—like Margaret Tilton’s son—republicans argue that red flag laws would allow the government to take away their guns, undermining theirconstitutional rights.

In direct opposition to Women Demand Action is The Women’s Defense League, a pro Second Amendment New Hampshire organization that—according to Daily Kos—organizes rallies “with predominantly male attendees.”

The organization’s president, Kimberly Morin, said that they wear the pearls “in defense of women’s right and the Women’s Defense League since then, because we are moms just like they are only on different sides,” adding that many women on TWDL “wouldn’t testify because they felt they were in front of a firing squad.”

The irony wasn’t lost on Twitter, and neither was the feeling that the pearl necklaces worn by gun rights activists were a mockery and slap in the face to victims of gun violence.

There’s only one thing to do: New Hampshire, vote these turds out of office.

h/t Daily Kos