New Moms Who Wore Masks While Giving Birth Respond To Anti-Maskers

A surprising number of Americans are unwilling to compromise on basic public health measures, like wearing a mask in public. I guess after restaurants demanded they wear shirts and shoes, they drew a line in the sand. Plus, Donald Trump and his cronies politicized wearing masks as something only the libs would do, so now people think their right to spread coronavirus is a constitutional right.

Some people refuse to wear the mask out of sheer stubbornness, but some claim it is making it difficult for them to breathe. Nurses and doctors have tried very hard to explain that your oxygen levels will remain essentially the same while wearing a mask, even if it doesn’t smell very good in there. Brush your teeth and suck it up. Because you know who is sucking it up for the safety of their friends and family? Moms.

Moms who need to give birth in a hospital during a pandemic are required to do it while wearing masks and labor is well-named.

Having a child involves a lot of stress, exertion, heavy breathing, pain, and many hours of intense focus and activity. And all the moms below tweeted about their experience of bringing life into the world while wearing a mask. Why is going to the grocery store with a mask on harder than what they’re doing? If your experience at Walmart is anything like having a baby, there’s something seriously wrong. Put your mask on, relax, and be glad you’re not about to be in labor for 36 hours.

Get some perspective.