New Video Shows MAGA Teen Making Disgusting Rape ‘Joke’ At Rally

This terrible story needs to die but here we go again with a fresh, new, terrible angle because America is a masochist.

A lifetime ago –wait– three days ago, a video emerged of a group of MAGA hat-wearing teens from Covington Catholic High School hooting and shouting while surrounding an indigenous protester. The video was seen by many as a clear example of right wing bigotry, racism, and hate.

Others claimed the video was misleading, pointing to longer videos of the incident and saying the interpretations of the students behavior and motivations was incorrect (an explanation that most weren’t buying.)

Now a new video clip has surfaced that shows a student in the group making an ugly comment about rape that he probably thinks is a clever joke. On the video the student can be heard saying “It’s not rape if you enjoy it!” while others gasp or laugh.

While this short clip doesn’t show the students from the other, now infamous ‘MAGA Teen’ video, a longer video of the incident shows that the student making the rape comment is part of the same group of students who gathered at the Lincoln Memorial when all this ridiculous bullsh*t went down and is presumably a student at Covington Catholic. (The comment comes at the 13:40 mark.)

While factions will continue to do battle online with competing pieces of video evidence that they interpret in wildly different ways – i.e. some saying the MAGA students blocked Phillips and others saying he was responsible because he approached them – there’s no excuse for the comment being made here other than deep-seated ignorance that urgently needs to be addressed.

For those who care about social progress the argument now becomes about changing the toxic culture that leads people to think certain things are funny or acceptable when they are simply racist or misogynistic.

David Hogg, one of the Parkland survivors had this to say:

Others were equally incensed and not surprised.