New Zealand Shooter Mentioned Trump In His Manifesto

In the early afternoon hours today, a gunman (now in custody) attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand killing 49 people. The gunman live-streamed his massacre on Facebook and posted links to the stream on 8chan, reddit, and other sites. He also posted a lengthy manifesto featuring the tell-tale signs of online radicalization by white supremacists.

In his manifesto, the gunman called Donald Trump a “symbol of white identity and common purpose.” In response to the attack, Trump tweeted another clumsy attempt at empathy, which lacks the forceful language he reserves for undocumented immigrants.

After each of these incidences of violent right-wing terrorism—now the major cause of terrorism in the United States—Trump can’t seem to bring himself to channel the anger of the targets, or the sorrow at their loss.

But Trump will be gone at some point and the Republican Party will remain. Those who belong will have to reckon with the fact that they’ve tied their party to anincreasingly violent ideology of white supremacy.

h/t: DailyKos, Bellingcat