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This Viral Thread Lists All The Things New Zealand Has Done Within Just 5 Days Of Attack

On March 15, 50 Muslims were killed and at least 50 more injured in an attack on two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Instead of just relying on “thoughts and prayers,” like we seem to do here in the U.S., New Zealand is taking actual steps to prevent something like that from hopefully ever happening again.

In a thread that’s gone viral, a teacher and Twitter user going by the handle @sasulz posted a thread of things that have happened in New Zealand in less than a week. The list is impressive by any standards.

Sulzy, as the account name reads, started the thread by revealing that the country has raised approximately $9 million for the families of the victims and for the Muslim community. Civilians are apparently handing in their own weapons to be gotten rid of.

She also points out that Hunting & Fishing pulled all semi-automatic weapons from their stores and that there’s been very little “sensationalist” media surrounding the shooter.

The Prime Minister announced that funeral costs will be covered by the government.

They’re even cracking down on sharing of footage of the horrendous incident.

New Zealand Police, who are currently but not normally armed, are placing flowers in their holsters in an attempt to draw attention away from their guns.

One person faulted Sulzy for trying to “make arming police ‘cute.'”

Sulzy replied that she didn’t see it as police trying to be “cute” so much as “officers trying their best to show they are there to maintain peace, despite the arms.”

People expressed thanks to Sulzy for writing her heartening thread.

The United States could stand to learn a bit from New Zealand, it seems.

h/t: @sasulz


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.