‘Newport Nancy’ Called The Cops On Her Black Neighbor For Smoking A Cigarette In The Parking Lot

We’ve had Barbecue Becky. We’ve had Permit Patty forced upon us, as well as Pool Patrol Paula, the anonymous jerkoff who called the cops on a 12-year-old boy who mowed a segment of their lawn, and the church pastor who kicked an entire funeral party out of his church — neither of whom lend themselves to a fun alliterative name. The latest white person simpleton is #NewportNancy, a white woman from Georgia who called the cops on her neighbor. For smoking a cigarette in the parking deck of their shared apartment complex.

#SmokingWhileBlack is the latest “offense” committed by African-Americans deemed worthy of a call to the authorities. In fact, the list of #LivingWhileBlack misdeeds keeps growing, getting more laughably innocuous with every day; #SittingWhileBlack, #MourningWhileBlack, #ExercisingWhileBlack, #ReadingWhileBlack, and #CouponingWhileBlack, for example.

Stacy Etheridge of Wellington Manor, Ga., posted a video of the incident, which was recorded by her daughter. The caption read:

“Caucasian woman tells my daughter to put her cigarette out and decides to call the police on my daughter for smoking outside in a parking deck. Police showed up and said it was no harm to others….this calling the cops on Blacks is getting way out of hand. Now you can’t smoke outside. #NewportNancy”

According to The Root, Etheridge’s daughter was at home in her own complex’s parking lot smoking a cigarette when #NewportNancy showed up and told her she needed to put it out.

The video picks up with her asking #NewportNancy, “You said I can’t smoke here? You’re gonna have me kicked out? That’s what you said?”

#NewportNancy replies, “They will have you evicted for smoking on the property. I hope you’re recording it, and I’mma let Jessica and everybody else know in the office.”

The woman recording then asks #NewportNancy if she is racist because she “just came out here harassing me for no reason.”

#NewportNancy replies, “For smoking on the property,” before getting into her SUV and making a phone call — presumably to apartment management.

“Yes, ma’am there’s um, there’s a resident here who claims she lives here that’s smoking in the parking garage by the stairwell,” says an angry #NewportNancy loudly to whoever is on the other end of the phone.

The rest of the video is difficult to hear over the sound of #NewportNancy’s car. We do not hear the police being called, nor do we see them show up, but the woman who filmed the exchange said come they did — and also determined that nothing wrong was being done.

…big surprise.

h/t The Root