Pants-Wearing News Anchor Claps Back At Viewer Who Told Her To ‘Dress Like A Normal Woman’

While admittedly, America does seem to be edging closer and closer to a Handmaid’s Tale-type reality, last time I checked, women weren’t forced into floor-length skirts and we can still wear what we want. Of course, that won’t stop men from having opinions about it, as Maggie Vespa, a news anchor at KGW-TV Portland recently found out.

Vespa’s offense? Simply minding her business and doing her job… while wearing pants. A man named Jeffrey wrote into the news anchor’s Facebook page to complain about her outfit choices, telling her that she should “dress like a normal woman” rather than… wearing pants. Yes, this is serious.

“Just wanted to let you know that the clothes you’ve been wearing, especially those crazy pants that ride half way up your torso, are not cool looking, in any way! … You’re way too pretty to look so foolish,” Jeffrey wrote.

Vespa, however, was having none of it and decided to confront the guy that I’m hoping to God was a troll but is likely a very real man with some very antiquated ideas about how the world works while live on air.

“This is dumb,” she stated simply. “We know that. These are my pants. I like them. I bought them.”

Vespa also revealed that she’s received plenty of comments from other women who sounded off about the pressures women face in the workplace to dress a certain way if they want to be taken seriously while men don’t face any of the same issues.

news anchor, maggie vespa

She wants other women and young girls to feel free to wear whatever they want because “there’s no one way for a ‘normal’ woman to look or be.” She’s comfortable enough to let Jeffrey’s comments “roll off [her] back” while she continues to rock her amazing selection of pants. Good on her!