Now AOC Is Being Attacked Because She Liked A Tweet

Nothing makes conservatives lose their tenuous grip on reality faster than Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Due to some combination of her youth, gender, and bold progressive agenda, they appear to both hate her and be secretly attracted to her all at once. It’s a disgusting Freudian concoction that drives them all insane and leads them to do desperate things like post videos of her dancing in college and obsess over her dark past as a cookie-selling Girl Scout.

The latest conservative stalker-boi to shoot his shot at AOC was Daily Wire contributor Brad Devlin who keenly observed that Ocasio-Cortez had “Liked” an article on Twitter about Fox News and objected by clutching his pearls so hard they burst.

The widely-shared article, by Luke O’Neill, was titled “I hate what they’ve done to almost everyone in my family” and was about how Fox News hurts families by brainwashing uncle after uncle with their twisted agenda.

But Devlin’s gripe wasn’t with the thesis of the article but rather with a luridly hilarious sentence in O’Neill’s opening paragraph in which he fantasizes about pissing on Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly’s graves one day “with a huge fucking boner that makes it hard for the piss to come out[.]

Acting like a junior member of the Twitter Police Devlin tagged both O’Neill and Ocasio-Cortez in an apparent attempt to either shame the Congresswoman for the audacious act of “Liking” a tweet, or simply a deep-seated desire to talk about her and boners in the same breath.

First of all the act of “Liking” a tweet on Twitter does not imply endorsement or agreement. A “Like” can be used to bookmark an article for later reading or simply to boost the work of an author whether you’ve read their piece or not.

But whether AOC read and agreed with the article or not is very much besides the point. The story here is how deeply silly the conservative obsession with the Congresswoman has become.
To reiterate:

AOC is being attacked for “Liking” a tweet.


Needless to say the only one who embarrassed themselves in this interaction was Bradley himself who really tweeted himself in the foot.