NRA Board Member Is Scared The ‘Sympathy Factor Of Kids Getting Killed’ Could Lead To Gun Control

The NRA is currently in full-time freakout mode over the national conversation about gun control, sparked by the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month. The teenage survivors of the school shooting are keeping the pressure on the gun lobby, GOP legislators, and their allies in the right-wing media. Now, the NRA is lamenting that all these kids getting murdered might actually lead to… sympathy, which we all know is a “gateway drug” to the harder stuff, like compassion, activism, and policy change.

NRA board member Charles Cotton fired up the ol’ internet machine and posted on a pro-gun message board in a thread titled “Can it be?: We may lose more gun rights under Trump than Obama?”


“[T]he reality is we could well see bump-stocks ‘taken away’ because the votes are probably there,” Cotton warned. Bump stocks, like the one used by the Las Vegas gunman who brutally slaughtered 58 people at a concert last year, modify semi-automatic rifles to make them fire at a fully automatic rate. Trump promised to ban these through regulation after the Parkland shooting shamed him into taking SOME kind of action.

Cotton went on to blame Bloomberg and Hollywood for the current wave of “anti-child murder” sentiment sweeping the nation,

“Wake up people and see what’s happening!!!! Bloomberg and Hollywood are pouring money into this effort and the media is helping to the fullest extent. We’ve never had this level of opposition before, not ever. It’s a campaign of lies and distortion, but it’s very well funded and they are playing on the sympathy factor of kids getting killed.”

Ah yes, those twisted out-of-touch liberal elites who keep trying to force their disgusting “children shouldn’t be murdered” values down our throats. Cotton also suggested that tripling NRA membership is the only way to combat this growing scourge of dead kids making people feel things. “If you really want to make a difference, then start recruiting NRA members every single day. The NRA better be 15 million strong soon, or this is only going to get worse.”

This isn’t the first time Cotton has weighed in on the gun debate to say something utterly batshit insane. In 2015, he mused that hitting someone else’s kid to discipline them “may keep me from having to put a bullet in him later.” Whoa, be careful! Shooting a kid could lead to… SYMPATHY. He also blamed the pastor of the South Carolina church for his own murder at the hands of racist mass shooter Dylann Roof.

Emma Gonzalez, one of the Parkland survivors pushing for stricter gun control, responded to Cotton’s comment on Twitter:

The news prompted responses from the media and Democratic legislators as well:

But this is probably the best response:

h/t: New Civil Rights Movement