Treat Yourself To This Video Of Obama Surprising Kids In The Hospital Dressed As Santa Claus

In case you’ve forgotten what it’s like to see a leader spreading a positive and empathetic message, make sure to peep this video of former President Barack Obama delivering gifts to surprised patients at Washington’s Children’s National Hospital last Wednesday.

Footage shared by the hospital follows Obama—who wears a Santa hat and carries a bag of presents—as he spreads holiday cheer. The former president told the kids that his reindeer were “stuck in the snow,” but that he wanted to make sure he visited them.

We see Obama doling out gifts, dances, and hugs, as patients and their families sing carols and take his picture.

He also recorded a message for those he didn’t have time to visit:

“I had a chance to talk to some of the wonderful kids and their families and at a time that’s obviously tough for a lot of folks. And as the dad of two girls I can only imagine in that situation to have nurses, staff, doctors, and people who are caring for them and looking after them and listening to them, and just there for them and holding their hand. That’s the most important thing there is. What a great reminder of what the holiday spirit’s supposed to be all about,” said the former president.

The hospital tweeted that Obama “warmed our hallways and put smiles on everyone’s faces!” He tweeted this message in reply:

According to The Washington Post, Obama dropped into individual patient’s rooms, telling one 12-year-old patient nervous about heading to high school next year that “Even the cool kids don’t have it all figured out.”

Obama also handed out jigsaw puzzles (which, according to WaPo, he told the crowd were his grandmother’s favorite), Hot Wheels sets, remote-control cars, and glittery nail polish, among other fun toys.

Needless to say, Twitter was in tears:

While others drew comparisons…

You really never know what you got until it’s gone, eh? This is what decency looks like, in case you forgot.

h/t Washington Post