If You Think Homophobia Is Dead, This Olympic Skier Has Some Messages You Should Read

Gus Kenworthy made headlines this year when he became America’s first openly gay Olympic freestyle skier at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Though Kenworthy did not win a medal at the Olympics this year, he did win the hearts of many adoring fans, thanks to his delightful online presence — and, in the process, became a modern gay icon.

However, fame hasn’t been entirely kind to Kenworthy. With every taste of notoriety comes a serving of haters, or in Kenworthy’ case, homophobic trolls.

Kenworthy recently shared some screenshots of the hate speech he found in the comments section of one of his YouTube videos as proof that homophobia is still rearing its ugly head in the online stratosphere.

I’ll spare you the details of all the comments, but suffice it to say, they’re all some variation on this charming opinion:

Kenworthy’s followers commented with words of support and agreed that discrimination is still very much a problem, particularly in online communities.

Even Chelsea Clinton offered some heartening words of reassurance.

YouTube eventually weighed in on the viral tweet, apologizing profusely for its commenters and assuring Kenworthy that YouTube is “actively working” to fix its hate speech problem.

Yeah. Sure, YouTube.

Considering that YouTube comments are notorious for their toxic sentiments and trollishness, it’s unlikely that the company is only now becoming aware of this issue. Most Twitter users didn’t buy the apologetic sentiments, demanding to see actual results from the company instead.

After all, YouTube can easily ban videos and users for copyright infringement — how is hate speech any less of a violation of their terms of use?

Kenworthy echoed his followers’ sentiments, humbly suggesting that YouTube crack down on the use of slurs and racial epithets in their users’ comments.

Come on, YouTube. You’re more than capable of implementing these changes, and neglecting to do so only puts you on the wrong side of history.