Influencer Delays Flight To Eat Oysters And Now She’s Mad At The Airline

Going to the airport is an almost universally annoying experience and it quickly gets worse when there is any kind of delay or flight cancellation. While the very rich might be able to manage their own schedules, the rest of us are at the mercy of the airport and staff on hand.

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An influencer named Ruby Tuesday Matthews thought she was above such things and now she's enraged about being called out.

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The story, according to the Daily Mail, is that Matthews was taking a flight from Ballina to Sydney on Jetstar, an Australian airline. There were some technical issues and they needed to wait for an engineer to work it out. The staff informed customers there was an estimated two-hour delay, but to please stay inside the airport.

Matthews went and got oysters instead:

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She posted an Instagram story in which she wrote "flight delayed f--k my life," alongside a plate of fresh oysters. I'm sorry, but that's embarrassing. You're fine. You're flying around and eating fresh seafood. Life is good. Though it did get worse.

The engineer arrived early and the plane was set to fly, but Matthews was nowhere to be seen. The Jetstar staff called her, she sucked down her oysters and headed over. When she boarded, she was surprised that her fellow fliers were pretty annoyed to be delayed further by Matthews' meal. In a short clip of the moment, the other people on board sarcastically clap and ask her how the food was, and muttering "what a day to be pretty."

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Matthews is now really mad at Jetstar.

She defended herself in a series of Instagram stories, and insisted she didn't hear the announcement to stay in the airport and that the staff should have protected her from mockery when she boarded the plane. "I was like ''f*** this, I'm going to get food out of the airport, it's two hours until our flight takes off, I'm going to go'.'

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"I didn't hear that, I swear to god, I wouldn't have left the airport, I'm not a d---head, I do have respect for everyone else," she said. "I was basically bullied by about seven to 10 to 14 people at different times, then they made comments about my children. No Jetstar staff stopped this at any time. I copped it hard for about 15 minutes."

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Matthews says she was scared for herself, because she was alone, but also that she is used to verbal abuse so it's no big deal.

"But one day, there is going to be another girl not as strong as me and they're going to hop on that plane and they are going to cop that and they are going to hop off the other end and they are going to kill themselves," she added. A lot to unpack there.

"Just be kind people. To the one guy who was kind to me, thank you," she said. "To everyone else - grow up. I missed out on stuff too, I get it, but that was not my fault, it was a genuine mistake there is no reason to pick on me because I have influenza, I mean I'm an influencer."

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It's hard to say how traumatic the incident was. Only Matthews knows. But she does have a joking #oystergate highlight on her Instagram she keeps adding to, and reportedly harassed some random Jetstar employees at the airport about the incident when she was flying another airline.

Lady, just suck it up already. Like an oyster.