Parents Give Toddler A Banana As A Prank And The Video Of Her Delighted Reaction Goes Viral

Justice Mojica and his wife thought they had a great prank idea for their two-year-old daughter, Aria. They wrapped a banana in Santa paper and presented it to the toddler while filming her reaction, which was not what they expected. Justice, who goes by @iamlgndfrvr on Twitter, uploaded the 31-second video on Dec. 19 with the caption “I Tried Giving My Daughter The Worst Xmas Gift Ever & I Didn’t Expect This Reaction 😢.”

The video shows Aria opening the now-famous banana present and immediately shrieking “BANANA!” She hands the banana to Justice’s wife and says “Mom! Open!”

To date, the video has received 22.6 million views, 1.5 million likes and 399,600 retweets.

A few Twitter users jumped into the comments with other adorable viral videos of children getting bananas as gifts.

Seriously, would you be this excited about a banana?

Actually, one user pointed out that, like Aria, we also recently lost our minds over a banana.

Someone compared it to one of the greatest Vines of all time.

Except… we all know what Avocado Kid was really thinking.

A couple Twitter users admitted their children would have a much different reaction if a banana was all they got for Christmas and tbh, we know of a few kids who’d react the same.

In an interview with USA Today, Mojica admitted Aria loves food, especially bananas.

“I could give her a cookie right now, and she’d go crazy,” he said. “But she definitely loves bananas. There are random nights when she wakes up and is like ‘banana!'”

After the video went viral, the world may be seeing more of little Aria. Mojica, who is a content creator on social media and has 494,000 subscribers on YouTube, admitted he and his wife will be including Aria in more videos.

“We actually hid her face for an entire year, but she has so much personality, even as a baby, that we started filming her because she’s a big ball of good vibes,” he told USA Today. “To have my daughter be a part of this now, it’s amazing.”

Well, we’ve definitely received a generous portion of good vibes.

Thank you, Aria. Love, the entire Internet.