Guy Wins Over Tinder Match By Creating Pasta-Themed Twitter Account

Stories about online dating can sometimes be nightmarish, but every so often you hear one that warms your heart—and this one will also make you hungry, too.

Tilly, who was born in the UK and is currently studying in New York, made a Tinder match with a gentleman who proceeded to woo her by creating a Twitter account named “tortellinis for tilly” dedicated to making her pasta.

Tilly shared the 6-step tortellini tutorial—with step six being “win her heart”—on her Twitter account, and now the original account has over 98k likes and 14k shares. Step One was to “acquire the dough.”

Followed by “establish rapport with the dough.”

Then the dramatic betrayal of the dough.

Which leads to the adorable army of tortellini.

Then, the clever suitor posted a lovely spread of the meal, complete with a glass of wine and flower.

And in Step 6, “win her heart,” the pasta-loving cook includes a smiling selfie.

Tag yourself! I’m the tortellini army!

Anyway, the Tortellini Guy’s post didn’t just win Tilly over—it won Twitter’s cold heart over, too.

Well, almost. Some folks joked about how a lot of steps seemed to be missing.

You can’t win everyone over, but in this case, it only matters of Tortellini Guy wins Tilly over.