Paul Ryan Is Leaving Congress And People Are Sending Thoughts And Prayers

There’s plenty of positive news out there about the incoming Congress and how beautifully diverse it is, at least on the Democrat’s side of the aisle. However, let’s not forget about those who are departing, and how satisfying it is to watch them leave. In particular, Paul Ryan, who is so unpopular that even Breitbart is taunting him with his 12 percent approval rating.

At only 48 years old, Ryan has decided to give up on his dream of ending Medicaid and become a lobbyist, where he can make more money without being so visible to his critics. He’ll leave Congress after giving up his Speaker of the House position to Nancy Pelosi now that the Democrats have taken back control. As his final act, he reportedly failed to show to hand over the gavel to Pelosi, as is the tradition.

The 10-term congressman has been quiet during his final months as a lawmaker, staying silent on Trump’s antics and avoiding press attention. However, this did not cause people to forget about his crusade against the Affordable Care Act, his passion for cutting aid to the poor, his posting of ridiculously racist cartoons, or his Ayn Rand fanboyism.

Twitter also can’t help but point out the absurd double standards of everyone pondering about the “likability” of female politicians and the appropriateness of their past actions and photo shoots when Paul Ryan exists.

Surprisingly, Paul Ryan might not be the saddest sight leaving the White House today. Remember Trey Gowdy? He was murdered by Twitter user Stonekettle.