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People Admit The Most Embarrassing Times That They Forgot The Name For Something

We all have those moments. You KNOW the word you want to use but you just can’t seem to find it in your brain. Whatchamacallit, hoosywhatsit and thingamabob are names people might use when they just can’t seem to recall the correct word for an object. But sometimes people get even more creative.

Reddit user the_slippery_shoe asked, “What’s the funniest name you’ve heard someone call an object when they couldn’t remember its actual name?”. In less than 10 days there were over 10,000 responses. Here are 30 of the funniest.

Grumpy Gathering

My boyfriend thought it was clever when I asked what the right word was for “an angry parade”.

(I meant)….a protest.


That’s Close Mom

My mom referred to Guitar Hero as “Carpet Banjo” one time. Me and my friends still call it that.


Explosive Snacks

My little brother who was around 6 at the time really wanted popcorn, and he asked if he could have some of the “boom puffs.”


Losing Nemo

My ex and I were hanging out one day trying to figure out what we wanted to do. I suggested maybe a walk in the park, a trip to the zoo, etc. when all of a sudden his face lit up and he gleefully asked “WHAT ABOUT THE AQUA MUSEUM?!”

It took me a good few seconds to realize he meant the “aquarium”.


You could take an eye out with that potato!

I forgot the name of a peeler and tried, “vegetable sharpener”.


What’s a Gorilla Dog?

Friend is Norwegian. She couldn’t remember the English word for “monkey.”

Apparently the direct translation of monkey in Norwegian is “ape-cat.”


I Think I Saw This Seth Rogan Movie

Another favorite (from Norway) is “Grass Dude,” or pineapple.


Creepy Crawley Kill

At Target, I asked for “a can of bug-murder”. I forgot “insecticide” or even “bug spray”. The dude took it in stride, didn’t flinch.

“Ah, good morrow sir, a can of your finest invertebrate-genocide if you please”.

Pepsistopheles TheCatcherOfThePie

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MS Paint

I recently struggled to think of the word ‘Oval’, so instead landed on “the circle rectangle”.


Dude of Honor

Couldn’t remember groomsmen, went with dudesmaids instead.