People Are Falling For A Really Stupid Troll And Ruining Their Microwaves

Okay, so, just a little quickie lesson for everyone out there who hasn’t quite grasped the basics of household appliances: if you put metal in the microwave, that sh*t is highly likely to catch fire. I can’t believe I have to tell anyone this, but apparently, it bears repeating.

Yep. There is a new “trend” in 2018 and it could very well burn down your damn house. Apparently, it wasn’t stupid enough for people to bite into Tide Pods or snort condoms, but now, people are trying to microwave tin foil.

It all began when Japanese Twitter user @Asu_Astell shared a tweet in March detailing how he shaped a ball of tin foil, hammered it, and polished it into a shiny aluminum orb. The tweet has been liked over 269,000 times. 

However, some garbage Twitter folk are now using photos of @Asu_Astell’s beautiful work to dupe people into thinking that they can achieve a similarly shiny effect by heating balls of aluminum foil in the microwave. 

Awesome joke, guys. Nothing like fooling people into setting their microwaves on fire!

Obviously, people are calling out the tricksters for their tasteless trolling — and urging people to use their g*ddamn common sense.

Long story short: if you want a shiny ball made of tin foil, you need a rubber mallet and a lot of time and skill on your hands — not a microwave.

Here’s to not burning down your apartment in 2018!