People Are Sharing Their Childhood Cartoon Crushes And Y’all Are Nasty

It’s not that weird to think most of us discovered our sexuality through our childhood cartoons. The female characters were always curvy portrayals of the “ideal” woman. The male characters were super jacked and cool. However, where it gets a little weird is when that’s still your jam as an adult.

It’s a taboo subject, but Twitter user @GailSimone wanted to get the conversation started. Surprisingly, a ton of people were more than willing to share.

Some of them were pretty obvious.

And some…not so obvious.

But soon the hashtag #1stCartoonCrush caught fire and sent us all down our own personal sexually repressed memory lane.

I think Kim Possible dropped the acorns for a few of us boys.

I had never even heard about this cartoon before but apparently, Danny Phantom got plenty of tweens hornt up.

And I’m sorry but even if this post weirds you out we all had a thing for Lola Bunny in Space Jam. Don’t lie.

Let’s talk Disney princes for a second. They’ve been setting the bar pretty damn high for decades.

Teen Titans had a little something for everyone.

It’s a common trope for from many male characters for a reason. It works.

You have to agree, Chris Sanders had some hits.


My own mother even admitted to crushing on the animated Robin Hood.

And I think we all know that one grown man who loves his car a little too much. Every story has its origin.

I remember thinking He-Man was the pinnacle of manliness. My sister was in love with him. Now I look back and realize that was a grown man with bangs.

These cartoons shaped who we are today. Our young pliable minds were constantly being bombarded with hyper-sexualized content. It’s still happening today. Don’t be embarrassed about it. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, let that freak flag fly.