More And More People Calling For Trump To Resign After Chaotic Week Ending In Government Shutdown

After a week of resignations, surprise decisions by Trump to pull troops out of Syria, the ending of sanctions on a Russian oligarch, and a border wall fight ending in a partial government shutdown, more and more people seem to have reached the end of their patience with the President and are calling for him to resign. #ResignTrump was trending on Twitter today with people from all ends of the political spectrum calling for him to voluntarily leave office, albeit for different reasons.

And there are many reasons to choose from. Some are upset about the border wall, whether because it’s a monument to xenophobia and racism or because he hasn’t built it yet, not to mention the fact that he’s disrupting the entire government because he won’t get the money to build it after he claimed that Mexico would pay for it. Then today he posted a concept of some kind of horrific pointy death wall.

Others are disturbed by James Mattis’ sudden departure and/or the fact that his administration’s turnover rate could rival the local McDonald’s. He also appeared to pose for a photo in which he is signing a blank piece of paper he claimed to be a bill. The stock market’s not looking good. His relationships with Putin and Assad. The constant lies and broken promises. HIs golf habit. Never knowing what he’s talking about. The affairs. Everything that comes out of his mouth. Etc.

The only thing trending as much as #ResignTrump? #TrumpResign.

It’s even gone worldwide.

Whether by coincidence or because someone was inspired after a few minutes on Twitter, an image of Trump below the word “RESIGN” was displayed tonight on the Powell Street train station building in San Francisco.

How much longer must we endure so much greatness?