People Can’t Stop Making Fun Of This ‘Donut Earth’ Theory

The early hope for the internet was that it would result in an educated, well-informed population that would use history’s accumulated knowledge for our collective good.

Instead it’s been overrun by brands, trolls, and conspiracy theorists. The latter group always thinks they’re one Google Image search away from unraveling an enormous, reality-bending secret concealed from us by the government and/or Illuminati.

But while “Flat Earth” conspiracy theorists have gotten a lot of attention in recent years for their outlandish theory it gets even weirder.

Introducing “Donut Earth.”

Look this person is probably trolling but it’s a slow news day so let us have this. According to VICE at least several people believe in the theory. Also nothing is real anymore.

Thanks, internet.

Needless to say, whether more than two people globally believe in “Donut Earth Theory” or not the concept was vigorously mocked and memed.

Some questioned the Donut Earth theorists choice of recreational intoxicants.

While others were surprisingly on board with the theory.

h/t: VICE