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R.I.P. To These 17 People Who Definitely Died From Embarrassment

Long before smartphones and texting, there were just phone calls—shocking, we know. And while the idea of talking on the phone nowadays can be a little horrifying, there’s typically no record of what’s said over the old fashioned voice-to-voice chat.

No matter how stupid or embarrassing a slip-up might be, you only have the word of the other person to taunt you. However, with texts and instant messaging, your idiocy can be permanently saved and mocked mercilessly on the internet in front of millions.

These are just a few people who most likely long for the days of phone calls or at least wish for a time machine to un-type their mortifying text messages.

1. R.I.P. to this person who texted their mom by mistake.

2. R.I.P. to this person whose text-to-speech kept listening.

3. R.I.P. to this mom whose sense of humor got her in trouble.

4. R.I.P. to this person who thought they were texting their coach.

5. R.I.P. to this greedy a-hole who uses people.

6. R.I.P. to this dad with his very important questions.

7. R.I.P. to this guy who should probably get a dictionary.

8. R.I.P. to this person who’s had a change of heart.

9. R.I.P. to this person who takes emojis too literally.

10. R.I.P. to this person who doesn’t take rejection well.

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11. R.I.P. to this person who’s on some interesting drugs.

12. R.I.P. to this person who doesn’t know when to leave it be.

13. R.I.P. to this person who should work on their grammar.

14. R.I.P. to this person and whoever created them.

15. R.I.P. to this guy who asked his brother to bone his wife.

16. R.I.P. to this creeper who should find a better way to talk to women.

17. R.I.P. to this person who probably should just use Tinder.

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