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People Are Sharing The Things They Only Recently Learned And They’ll Make You Feel Like A Genius

It’s been said that we “learn something new every day.” That’s probably truer for some people than others, but there are plenty of blindspots we all have that we don’t even realize. After all, we don’t have personal fact-checkers following us around and filling us in on all the mistakes we make. There are also plenty of misleading “facts” that get drummed into our heads as children, and ones we never think to question.

One Twitter user decided to ask her followers about their most random epiphanies and the responses did not disappoint. (Forgive these people, for they know not what they do.)

Shannon Proudfoot recently asked her Twitter followers about their most mundane yet earth-shattering epiphanies.

1. Like this grocery store conundrum.

2. And the supervillain named ‘Arson.’

3. This hilarious national anthem rewrite.

4. An incredibly useful piece of automobile trivia.

5. This filthy misunderstanding.

6. ‘Penny for your thoughts’ doesn’t apply here.

7. This zoological mistake.

8. And this one too.

9. An astronomical error.

10. This not-so-obvious acronym.