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Dude Gets Lit Up For Listing Why Women Need To Stop Complaining About Their ‘Disgusting’ Periods

A lot of cis dudes are grossed out by periods, but most of them are wise enough to keep their mouths shut about it. Amongst the ones that complain are a handful of completely unhinged individuals who don’t really know how menstrual cycles work but are happy to share their theories.

Most of their theories are pretty misogynistic if you can even believe it! But this one from an anonymous Facebook poster is both so sexist and so scientifically inaccurate, it’s almost funny. Almost.

A screenshot was shared to the subreddit r/insanepeoplefacebook by u/Fluffythebunz, and it contains some interesting theories. It starts with, “I am so tired of hearing women complain about something that’s 100% their fault.”

He goes on to say that “periods are disgusting” and women should stop talking about them because “Your entire job is to be aesthetically pleasing and add femininity.” The mental picture of a woman on her period isn’t sexy, PERIODT.


He then says that in ancient times, women didn’t hunt. They stayed home and tended the land, gathering salads. I guess he thought cavemen didn’t share any mammoth meat with their ladies back home. Now, women eat meat for the first time in history!!! That’s what’s causing them to menstruate. Science!

“I see you monsters shoving burgers and steaks and chicken in your face,” he continues. “Your body is trying to get rid of all that and so it’s bleeding that animal graveyard you call a digestive tract, out. So I have no sympathy for your exaggerated pain.”

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Redditor KnittinAndBitchin wanted to know what his problem with tampons are.

“Why does he put ‘absorb’ in quotation marks? Does he…does he think tampons have another purpose? …What are we to do on our periods? Just sorta sit on the toilet for 3-6 days letting it drip out?” they wrote.

A lot of vegans and vegetarians chimed in to say they almost wish some of what he was saying were partially true.

“Well, I’m a vegetarian currently laying in bed because of period cramps,” wrote Anna_Rapunzel. “Explain that.”

“Reporting from the field after eight years of veganism: Periods are still a thing,” added sydbobyd.

KCRAOBJHOPEFUL wanted to know how this guy developed his ideas about evolution, writing, “I’d love to ask this guy is if he thinks Men and Women…evolved separately? Didn’t live in communities? That’s literally the only possible way he could have got to that conclusion, even if he was 100% right about the division of labor. Men went and hunted…for their families. Women gathered…for their families. This person genuinely seems to think that pre-agriculture, humanity was gender segregated pockets of carnivorous men and herbivore women.”

Maybe that’s just what’s the OP wants—to live in a community of men and their meat, while women and their icky periods stay far, far away.