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Guy Asks To Return Dog Food After His Pup Dies, Gets A Touching Card In Response

Losing a pet could be as hard—if not harder—than losing a person. Our pets are our family—they stand by us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter what kind of pet you adopt/buy, you know that over time, they are a huge part of you. That’s why losing them can be so damn hard.

For many, trying to find things to do with their toys, supplies, and food can be painful and sad. Many of us stock up on things so our furry friends have everything they need. Recently, one dog owner decided that he wanted to try and returned an unused, unopened bag of dog food after his pup had passed away. Instead of just sending back his money, the company had an even better response.

Joseph Inabnet from Virginia shared the story on Facebook of how incredible’s customer service is. After asking Chewy if he could return the $70 bag of dog food—the company refunded his money, but told him to “donate the food instead.” 

If anyone has ever dealt with, they probably know just how wonderful their customer service is. But today, it went to the next level. I had to put my Bailey down in October. She had been on prescription dog food, and I had a brand new unopened bag (about $70). I asked Chewy if I could return it. They told me to donate it instead, and they returned my money. GREAT customer service; right?


However, the company had another surprise for Joseph in store.

IT GETS BETTER!! Today, completely out of the blue, I received from the card and painting below. I have also provided picture of Bailey that I must have uploaded to Chewy at some time. This is a real oil painting, and the artist, Sharon LaVoie Lamb, did an amazing job. I don’t know how to make something go viral, but deserves recognition for their outstanding attention to detail and customer service.

That’s right, Chewy sent over Joseph a hand-written sympathy card and an oil painting of his dog.


People online added that Chewy is one of their favorite companies for their excellent customer service, too.

And, Chewy even responded by saying they hope the portrait of Bailey warms his heart, always.


h/t: BoredPanda