Piers Morgan Gets Roasted For Being Offended By Gillette’s Viral Toxic Masculinity Ad

Piers Morgan is VERY upset at Gillette’s latest ad campaign “The Best A Man Can Be” that’s cashing in on a wave of “woke capitalism” but also promoting an important message—that toxic masculinity is damaging and men should more proactively combat it.

Sadly, the message Piers Morgan got from this critique of traditional masculinist behavior is that ALL MEN ARE BAD AND SHOULD HAVE THEIR GENITALS REMOVED. You would think I’m exaggerating, but Piers is so self-deluded he’s beyond parody.

Piers is (allegedly) a lifelong fan of Gillette, not because their products are superior (he notes they’re the same as others), but because their ads make him “feel good” about being a man.

“[Gillette’s] commercials have unashamedly celebrated men and masculinity. You watch them and feel good about being male,” he writes in his latest whiny column.

Piers Morgan cheering after a razor commercial is as profoundly and pathetically sad as him whining after one, but anyway. Here’s a Gillette ad from 1990 so you too can feel the surge of testosterone that alpha male Piers Morgan used to.

Piers has now made the difficult decision to forego Gillette products because he feels slighted by the company’s gentle suggestion that men shouldn’t catcall women or call each other “sissies.” (Sure, a razor can be sensitive to the needs of a man, but the man holding it should never be.)

To Piers, the implication in the viral Gillette ad is that ALL men are bad.

“The subliminal message is clear: men, ALL men, are bad, shameful people who need to be directed in how to be better people,” he writes.

Of course, the LIMINAL message is that not all men are this way. The ad takes pains to spell this out, explicitly saying “some men” are already model citizens and featuring footage of men speaking out against bullying and harassment. He seems to have missed that. (If Piers’ skin were as thick as his skull we wouldn’t have to endure these tedious tantrums.)

Naturally, Twitter was more than happy to drag him for pitching his little fit.

Terry Crews, who was a victim of sexual assault and is featured in the ad encouraging his fellow men to speak out against it, obliquely responded to Piers’ caterwauling in a tweet:

And Piers replied back:

“There are bad actors out there but we should never DO anything about it!” Cool. Just let them continue operating in the shadows, protected by silent men who don’t want to find themselves the subject of a snotty Piers Morgan column.

Anyway, for no reason at all, here’s a video of Piers Morgan slowly dying as his female co-hosts roast him on television right to his jowly face: