Piers Morgan Is A Big Ol’ Hypocrite For Insulting Megan Rapinoe While Celebrating Male Athletes For The Same Thing

If you don’t know who Piers Morgan is, I envy you.

The British TV presenter, Trump sycophant, and incessant opinion-haver has made a lucrative career out of being consistently snide and consistently wrong. He’s a tireless contrarian, quick to criticize anything that is good or true.

Previously he’s attracted hate-reads for bashing men who care for their children as unmanly

and now he’s turned his paleo-machismo on soccer star Megan Rapinoe, criticizing the player for celebrating a goal in her decisive performance against France in the Women’s World Cup.

On its face Morgan’s gripe is nonsensical (bashing an athlete for celebrating a goal) and hypocritical (Morgan is one of the most prideful humans on the planet) but, as many pointed out, Morgan’s hypocrisy is also blatantly sexist.

One day after bashing Rapinoe for holding out her arms triumphantly Gladiator-style, Morgan praised English cricket player Jonny Bairstow and shared a photo of him making the exact same gesture.

Spot the difference between the two photos. No hints!

In addition to his sexism one suspects Morgan’s criticism of Rapinoe also has more than a little to do with her on-going war of words with President Donald Trump, a man Morgan knows personally from their time on Celebrity Apprentice, and who Morgan has often defended.

Morgan even used to have a picture of himself and Trump as his Twitter photo.

In closing: Piers Morgan is an insufferable hypocrite who can’t see past the end of his nose.