Piers Morgan Just Got Owned By National Treasure Dick Van Dyke

On Saturday, celebrity antagonist and Twitter villain Piers Morgan thought it in his best interest to crack a joke about 92-year-old national treasure Dick Van Dyke.

“Imagine being called Dick Van Dyke in the PC-crazed era?” tweeted the Good Morning Britain host in a feeble attempt to…poke fun at TV icon’s name and the LGBTQ community all in one go? “Poor guy. He’ll have to change his name to Richard Van Non-Binary-Gender-Fluid.”

The man, the myth, the legend himself responded. But not with words. Van Dyke simply posted an image from his days of playing Dr. Mark Sloan on the TV series Diagnosis Murder. His expression is all, “…for real?” proving once and for all that effective meme creation is not confined by age, but is instead defined by the wit and ingenuity of delivery.

Folks on social media were highly impressed with Van Dyke’s own. Morgan may have a permanent “own me” sticker taped to his back, but still; a diss by a nonagenarian has got to be a new low, even for him.

This might just be a learning opportunity for the rest of us social media denizens: rather than engage with trolls like Piers Morgan—whether conversationally or critically—perhaps the best way to deal with them is to not say a single word, roll our eyes, and go on with the rest of our day safely knowing we aren’t burdened with the horrifying task of actually being Piers Morgan.