I Had To See This Disturbing Viral Video Of A Man Using A Plane TV With His Feet And Now So Do You

It’s pretty much a known fact that airplanes are not the most sanitary places. After all, with so many people (and their germs) confined in a tight space for hours at a time, there’s bound to be some cross-contamination. Most people will usually do their best to help with the situation, with cleaning tools like hand sanitizer or by keeping their hands and feet to themselves. However, one passenger on a recent flight did no such thing.

A recent tweet revealed an airplane passenger using his feet to control a touch screen.

That’s right. This passenger took the grime to a whole new level by using is bare feet to touch a screen that thousands of people had probably used before him, and that thousands more will probably use in the future. Think about that the next time you’re on a plane.

Author and law professor Alafair Burke tweeted the video of the foot fiend after her Twitter-less friend sent it to her. Burke wrote that the video “belongs on Twitter,” and it really, really does.

Some might think that the passenger was using his feet because he didn’t have have the use of his hands, but Burke assured her followers that this guy is capable of using his hands. He just preferred to use his feet. Burke said, “The photographer confirms that she saw him walk on and off the plane, carrying his own bag. He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet.”

Burke is pretty adamant of not providing any details that might out the identity of the footsy passenger, but that isn’t stopping people from having some really strong reactions to the unsanitary feet incident.

People are mostly concerned about all the dirt from those feet that rubbed off on the screen.

Some people thought that this was one of the worst things they’ve ever seen on Twitter, which is saying a lot since Twitter has some pretty dark shadows.

In fact, there are those who demand authorities be called over the situation.

Other people are worried about the passengers who use that screen after this guy.

But, other people think that feet are no dirtier than hands, and so they don’t really see an issue.

Still, a lot of people argue that people like the foot passenger are why you should clean your airplane seat right when you board.

Model Naomi Campbell has an intense airplane hygiene routine, and the foot guy has a lot of people thinking she might be on to something.

The video just provides an important warning to frequent fliers everywhere: Be vigilant about feet in the open air. You never know what they’ve been touching.