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Twitter Is Sharing Their ‘Most Raging’ And Irrational PMS Stories, And Women Everywhere Are Laughing Their Asses Off

Hormones are like nature’s way of spicing up life. If you’re someone who gets a period, you especially know that’s true. For half of the world’s population, there’s about one week a month that’s filled with mood swings, bloating, and more, all thanks to raging hormones.

Of course, those hormones are part of the natural menstrual cycle that keeps a uterus running smoothly. But it’s hard to remember that in the week or so before your period when your hormones are turning you into a rage machine one second and triggering full-on weeping in the next. It’s all part of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), the collection of symptoms that turn even the sanest of people into wild cards.


Even though PMS is a real pain (both literally and figuratively), there is one positive side to it: At least when you’re dealing with PMS, you know you’re not alone. In fact, people on Twitter are sharing their worst PMS symptoms, and they will help you realize you’re not the only one rattled by hormones.

Twitter user @tinytwink wrote that she’s battling some “absolutely raging PMT” (which stands for pre-menstrual tension, the name for PMS in @tinytwink’s native United Kingdom) and wanted to hear from other people about the “completely irrational things you have done whilst being under the influence of hormones.”

@tinytwink started the thread off by sharing her own story of hormonal wackiness. She wrote:

“One day when the twins were babies, I was cooking tea. Their Dad walked in from work. We said hi to each other and he went to see the twins. I went back to cooking. Now, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but sausages springs to mind. As I was seeing to the pans, out of the corner of my eye I see him re enter the kitchen. I then saw him look over the hob into the pan and ever so slightly turn his top lip up. Without saying a word, I very calmly walked to the back door, opened it and threw EVERY F—ING PAN OVER THE FENCE.”

Without saying a word, I very calmly walked to the back door, opened it and threw EVERY FUCKING PAN OVER THE FENCE.

— Twinks (@tinytwink) July 1, 2019

The tweet replies to @tinytwinks do not disappoint. People’s hormones have them doing a whole lot of wild things.

1. One person wasted a perfectly good cake.

2. One woman proved that sometimes you just need a good cry at a children’s movie.

3. Another person wouldn’t let their hairdresser do their job.

4. One husband received the brunt of his wife’s PMS symptoms.

5. Other people have taken out their hormonal rage on inanimate objects that (probably) can’t fight back.

6. In fact, inanimate objects are really popular among sufferers of PMS.

7. Sometimes people get upset about things that never even actually happened, like dreams.

8. Or people can have(really intense) imaginary fights with strangers.

9. It’s also a known fact that decision-making can be really difficult when you have PMS.

10. And it can be really hard to watch other people have fun when you’re so miserable.

11. Or it can be difficult to even interact with a dog.

12. When you have PMS, you don’t want anybody messing up the hard work you manage to get done.

13. That is, if you get your work done at all.

14. Hormones can make it so that anything can trigger crying. Even a candy bar.

15. Or just a memory can bring on the tears.

16. Making mistakes is hard when you have PMS.

17. And so is admitting when you’re wrong.

18. Basically, people are just really sensitive when they have PMS.

19. Even world events from years ago can resurface thanks to hormones.

20. But one thing that usually helps with PMS is having someone there to provide a little comfort from the scary hormones.