Elephants And Lions Work Together To Kill And Eat Poacher

These are divisive times but one thing that brings people together is when animals team up. Especially if it’s a big animal and a little animal. People love that sh*t. The only thing people like more than that is when said animals exact justice on the humans who have wronged them or entered their zoo enclosures to take selfies.

The latest act of animal justice comes to us from South Africa where, according to The Hill, a suspected rhino poacher in Kruger National Park was killed by elephants before having his carcass eaten by lions.

According to The Hill, the deceased man’s accomplices informed his family that he had been “killed by an elephant” during an attempted rhino poaching in the park. The family then informed park authorities who eventually found the man’s remains, but not before lions got to them.

According to the authorities:

“Indications found at the scene suggested that a pride of lions had devoured the remains leaving only a human skull and a pair of pants.”

So this fellow apparently entered the park to illegally kill a rhino and instead got slapped to death by an elephant who then brought in a clean-up crew of goddamn lions to mop up.


Mess with one species and get sternly dealt with by two other species who happen to also inhabit the protected animal reserve and (correctly) see you as a threat.

It almost seems like teamwork.

One feels for the man’s family and should consider the inhumane economic pressures that drive people to engage in horrible and dangerous activities such as poaching but most would also agree that animals have a right to self defense and will fight back against attackers like they did in this instance.

Most observers felt the poacher got what he deserved.

h/t: The Hill

Photo Credit: Benh Lieu Song