Political Strategist Posts The Perfect Video About ‘Trump Shutdown Architects,’ Twitter Joins In

Political strategist Adam Parkhomenko, formerly of the Hillary Clinton campaign, found the perfect video to describe the situation in the White House right now. After nine days, the government is still in partial shutdown mode with Trump refusing to pass a budget for his non-wall and blaming Democrats for the shutdown just days after promising that he would take responsibility for it. It’s gotten so bad that even Mitch McConnell has apparently given up on life and gone home to Kentucky.

It’s a little like this:

Oh, did you think he was going to fall backward?

The best thing about this is how many different ways you can interpret the analogy. Is the guy in the green hoodie Trump, Republicans in general, or even the American people? Either way, it’s funny.

According to the New York Times, Trump has been busy calling allies and telling them that he will not back down on the wall funding. He has reportedly not made any effort to strike a deal with Democrats in spite of the fact that most of his own party is urging him to. Is this the art of the deal? Doing nothing?

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are going without pay over the holidays, their troubles deepening with each passing day. Until somebody buckles, I guess we the people will just have to find a way to laugh.

Like finding new ways to turn that trust fall video into a metaphor:

The message is that you should never trust someone just because they tell you to. That goes double for politicians, because they can cause you more pain than a straight fall onto your face.

Also, people are hilarious.