Racist White Woman Assaults Black Kids At The Pool, Then Bites The Cop Who Came To Arrest Her

It is unfortunate that in 2018, The White Woman has left her mark as a 30/40-something racist whose primary hobby is calling the cops on black people having fun. We had BBQ Betty, who wore an insulting pair of Oakleys while calling the police on a black family barbecuing in a park in Oakland, CA.

We had Permit Patty, who called the cops on an 8-year-old black girl selling water outside AT&T Park in San Francisco for “not having a permit.”

Now we have Pool Patrol Paula, who on Sunday literally assaulted a group of black teens as she kicked them out of a public pool in Summerville, S.C.

According to Yahoo! News, 38-year-old Stephanie Sebby-Strempel (these folks don’t need any help with alliterative names!) was arrested and jailed Monday after confronting a group of African-American teenagers at a public pool, and hitting a 15-year-old.

A video posted to Facebook by one of the kids shows Sebby-Strempel advancing on the group yelling “Get out! Get out now! There are three numbers I can dial: 9-1-1,” she raged, as she swatted at the camera. “Get out. Little punks.”

According to one of the victims, the woman ordered them out on sight as they respectfully told her “yes, ma’am.” She then hit one of the teens in the chest, followed him to the exit, and “hit him in the face at least twice,” notes The Charlotte Observer.

“Sebby-Strempel is clearly the aggressor in the assault even going as far as to continue to assault the victim as he was walking away from her,” said the incident report. The video of the incident has been viewed over 830,000 times on Facebook since Sunday.

It gets better!

According to Dorchester County Police, the woman ASSAULTED POLICE OFFICERS when they visited her home the following day, pushing one against the wall and hurting his knee, and biting a second deputy on the arm. This bruiser of a LemmeSpeakToYourManager was charged with third-degree assault, reports the New York Post, and two counts of assaulting an officer while resisting arrest (though if she’d been black, she’d most likely have been shot and killed immediately.)

As the video began to go viral, people realized Sebby-Strempel works for the popular direct-sales company Rodan + Fields. Just as BBQ Betty and Permit Patty got their comeuppance in the form of losing their jobs and becoming the laughingstocks of the world, so did Pool Patrol Paula. Many on Twitter called for Rodan + Fields to fire the perpetrator.


Rodan + Fields responded to the barrage of outrage on Tuesday, writing “We do not condone violence of any kind and pride ourselves on embracing inclusion and acceptance of all. Please note, this person is not a Rodan + Fields employee, but an Independent Contractor. We are reaching out to this individual to reiterate our corporate values.”

Many felt as though this was far too lenient a response considering the crime.

As mentioned, Pool Patrol Paula is just the latest in a long line of racists who now feel comfortable revealing themselves as such. We have Donald Trump to thank for that. In the meantime, if you are a minority, stay away from middle-aged white women with bad sunglasses.