Man Asks If He’s The Jerk To Ask 7-Month Pregnant GF With IBS To Sleep On The Couch

Six weeks of quarantine and the bad content on r/AmItheA**hole keeps escalating somehow. This story from u/throwawaystomacw posted under the very misleading title, “AITA for not sleeping in the same bed as my pregnant girlfriend?” is so bad that I pray it’s just an extremely bored troll. The alternative is that it’s a man who is about to become a father, which is too horrible to contemplate.

Whoever they are, they say their 23-year-old girlfriend (no mention of their own age) is seven months pregnant. She also has “terrible IBS” in his words and has to lay on the floor with hot water bottles and is often in pain from her condition. Pregnancy has made it even worse. No, this isn’t a post about how he wants to help her. It’s about how her pain is annoying him. He writes:

At night time, her stomach starts making the most bizarre noises. It sounds like small rapid gunshots, laughing, crying, you name it, her stomach sounds like it. It’s not overwhelmingly loud, but it’s definitely noticeable. She has medication for it but it doesn’t really work. The only thing that works is sleeping on her back, which she refuses to do.

Last night it was louder than usual and she claims it hurt badly but she still managed to go to sleep. I on the other hand, couldn’t have fallen asleep if you had payed me a million bucks.

I woke her up and asked her if she would please go sleep on the couch which she refused to do. She told me to go but I said since she’s smaller, she should go. She started crying a little bit but grabbed her blanket and left.

I slept peacefully but apparently she didn’t because this morning she said that I “always treat her like sh*t” and she’s really snappy/short with me. She told her best friend, dad, sister and cousin what I did and I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

The only good thing about this post is that the woman in the story actually seems to have had some kind of necessary realization about what a POS the guy she’s with is. He slept peacefully?? After kicking his massively pregnant girlfriend with a medical condition to the couch?? And waking her up after she finally fell asleep?

Never have I seen such a unified comment section condemning someone. Many people went out of their way to explain that laying on her back likely isn’t even an option. That’s dangerous for both the baby and the mother in such a late stage of pregnancy.

He responded to a few of the comments, but seems pretty unrepentant and unwilling to admit he should have been the one moving:

He did eventually post an update, but it’s not exactly an apology:

UPDATE: I asked my girlfriend what she wanted/needed and she said she wanted Tylenol and for me to just leave her alone, which is understandable. She’s still pissed and so is her family. I was just super tired and not thinking, I didn’t realise how bad Ulcerative Colitis is. I was just upset that she told everyone what I did and made them think less of me. EVERYONE that I know is mad at me.

Good. Still hoping this is all made up. If not, it’s important to remember that if you’re doing something you’d be ashamed of people knowing about, you might be on the wrong track.