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Husband Refuses Pregnant Wife’s Plea To Skip Best Friend’s Bachelor Party Before Her Due Date 

A pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth asked Reddit if she’s in the wrong for wanting her husband to stay home and forsake his best friend’s bachelor party.

NO. The answer to that question is always no—even if there wasn’t more to the story, which of course there is. Still, a resounding NO.

In a since-deleted post captured by, the pregnant woman explained her story.

“My husband’s best friend got engaged, and my husband is in the wedding party…In his friend group, they usually do a golf weekend. Also, this is likely the last bachelor party in the group as the rest of the guys are already married.”

“They finally picked a date for the bachelor weekend…I’ll be almost 38 weeks pregnant and considered full-term.”

“The bachelor party will be in about two hours away (without traffic). On previously golf weekends, he has been terrible about keeping his phone charged and it can be hard to get in touch with him. Also, while he doesn’t drink, he does smoke pot, and would most likely be smoking the whole weekend.”

The pregnant woman—who, by the way, has a toddler!—offered to compromise and suggested he only go away for one day, stay sober, and keep his phone nearby. Her husband said nope. Dude, you’re going to leave your heavily pregnant, nearly-due wife home with a two-year-old so you can golf with your friends? NO.

Then this poor woman asked if she was the a**hole! No, you are not—and Reddit mostly agreed.

“He thinks keeping his phone charged and staying sober and not staying out for 3 days when she’s 14 days from having his child is too much to ask. How is he NOT an a**hole,” wrote user whatacooldog.

“I am assuming that both parties made the decision to have another kid. In making that decision, OP has sacrificed 9 months of alcohol, getting high at parties, eating what she wants, and any number of other things […] OP, and the baby, come FIRST. Not just when it’s easy and convenient, but all the time. If my husband went to something like this after I’d asked him not to, and he missed the birth of our child or showed up drunk or high while I was in labor, it would be the end of my marriage,” said user invidiaaquitane.

User Farlyfjord agreed and offered some advice, saying, “I honestly can’t believe anyone is saying YTA. Due days aren’t an exact science and babies can come months early, let alone a couple of weeks early. Dude needs to get his priorities straight. Because it’s not about being there for you, per se, but being their for the birth of his fucking child. Is he so selfish he can’t see that? You should probably put your foot down more, because while 2 hours doesn’t sound like a long time it’s plenty of time to miss your entire labor and birth and potentially puts the whole burden of getting to the hospital safely on you.”

There you have it. Don’t leave your pregnant partner high and dry to get high and play golf when they are THIS close to giving birth.