Guy Defends Calling Pregnant Woman The ‘C-Word’ For Yelling At Cashier, But His Friend Thinks He’s In The Wrong

You can always count on the Reddit AITA sub to generate some pretty lively discussion. While some cases are pretty clear-cut when it comes to placing blame, other posts are a little more ambiguous. That was certainly the case with the situation deepthroatcircus posted about this week, in which he called a pregnant woman a “c-word” after the woman screamed at a cashier who was trying to help her.

According to the OP, he was at a local bookstore when he noticed a pregnant woman who was very upset about a book she wanted not being in stock and she decided to take that out on the cashier.

“She was complaining that she had wasted her time and energy by coming down to the store when the book wasn’t available. The girl at the cash was looking extremely uncomfortable and I could tell she felt bad,” he wrote.

“When the girl said there was nothing she could do, the pregnant woman started cussing at her and calling her stupid and an ‘inconsiderate little bitch.’ As the girl was calling other stores to try and track down the book the woman looked at me and expected me to side with her said ‘what’s the point of customer service if they won’t help you?'”

OP went on to say that he felt really bad for the cashier and felt obliged to say something in her defense.

“I looked at the woman and I said ‘I just hope whatever you give birth to isn’t a total c*** like his mom,'” he recallled. “The woman looked at me in total shock and then started cussing at me telling me her husband was in the parking lot. I said I didn’t care and that she should just go to a different store because she was making everyone uncomfortable.”

OP then claimed that the pregnant woman called her husband to come to her rescue, though he didn’t step in since OP describes himself as 6’2″ and 210 pounds. Instead, he convinced her to leave and “as she left, she flipped off the store and told me to f*ck myself.”

While OP’s friend who was present at the bookstore insists that he was wrong for speaking up on the cashier’s behalf, OP insists he did the right thing by sticking up for her.

“I felt like if there was ever anyone who deserved the c word it was this woman. The cashier was using her hijab to wipe tears from her eyes after—the woman humiliated her. She thanked me by the way and her manager comforted her, so I think she’s OK,” he wrote.

Pretty much everyone agreed in the comments that OP wasn’t an asshole for speaking up for the woman, but others insisted that everyone in the situation sucked because OP was guilty of making a bad situation even worse by using foul language. Who’s right? That’s anyone’s guess.