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Pregnant Woman Shamed By Male Starbucks Barista For Ordering A Caffeinated Coffee

Back when my best friend was heavily pregnant, we were at a restaurant where she’d ordered fish and followed it up with a coffee when the waitress made a comment about how she liked that my friend didn’t “follow the rules” or something to that effect. It was strange and invasive and the waitress immediately apologized, but it was still clear—pregnant women are judged for what foods and drinks they order.

Actor/comedian Tiffany Stevenson (@tiffstevenson) tweeted about how she’d been at Starbucks and witnessed a male barista tell a pregnant woman who’d ordered a caramel macchiato that she should have it decaf instead of regular “because caffeine is bad for the baby.”

The pregnant woman explained to the barista that she has a single caffeinated coffee a day, which is completely safe according to (The site recommends limiting caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day, which is about equivalent to 12 ounces of coffee.)

When the barista still wouldn’t make the drink, Stevenson stepped in, saying, “Unbelievable. Stop it.” She shared that the dude was maybe 30 years old, if that, and then joked about Starbucks doing OB/GYN training.

Other women shared similar things that had happened to them when they were pregnant.

People also joked about what the pregnant woman should have said, or shared things they themselves had said when they were pregnant and people tried to police their choices.

Some women brought up just how important that coffee was to them when they were pregnant.

So many people loved Stevenson’s use of the phrase “womb bothering.”

And pretty much everyone was in agreement that the man should have just shut up, minded his own business, and done his job.

At the time of this writing, Starbucks still hadn’t issued a response to Stevenson’s tweets. But can we all agree that it is not for other people to decide if it’s okay for a pregnant woman to have a damn cup of coffee or not.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.